7 Secrets for Women to make your Brand photoshoot exceptional.

Arrive prepared for your successful shoot with ideas, clothes, confidence, and energy to create your best photos.

STEP 1: Clothes

Clothes are the first thing that you should consider thinking about for your shoot. A few questions you will need to consider:

  • What do you want to say with your clothes?
  • How do you want your clients to see you?
  • What is your brand? What is your style?

Unless you hire a wardrobe stylist you will be expected to bring your own clothes. You will need to ‘shop’ your closet or go shopping and find some amazing pieces for your session. In general I like to shoot people in solids (color). Also I love all black or all white because it creates a simple canvas for your personality to shine and it can bring some drama and elegance to your photos.

Solid colors and beautiful lines make a stunning photo. (Although you can always break the rules and wear a print if it goes with your personal style!)
A simple black tee shirt paired with a jacket and jeans would be casual and cool. A beautiful silk blouse, the color of your eyes, and jeans works magic to help make your eyes pop. Find a stunning dress that just makes
your shoot whether it’s body conscious, shiny or colorful, make it something that creates a mood for your iconic shot.


Use the color of your eyes, hair and skin, to choose your clothing colors to get a perfect match. For example, if you have green eyes, wear clothes with green, brown and gold or if you have blue eyes, bring that shirt that you get compliments on all the time (it’s probably blue). Brown and hazel eyes look great in gold, brown, purple and green. Depending upon your hair color make sure you bring something that contrasts with your hair. 

Uplevel your look for your photographs, I recommend that you need to have clothes that are at least one level up from your everyday clothes. You can look and feel like a million bucks if you have clothes that fit, clothes that you love wearing and clothes that accentuate your best features.

STEP 2: Think of the whole picture.

Wear a whole outfit. Try to wear jeans or pants that have pockets. It is always a great thing to have pockets to
put your hands in for a standing shot. It will depend upon the kind of shoot that you are doing but if you are shooting a brand session, portrait session or a PR session, all of these things will apply. You will need to bring clothes that are fashionable and modern and things that you love to wear. Make sure that your clothes fit! Bring clothes that make you feel great (which will help you when you’re in front of the camera), and don’t forget to BRING the foundation garments for the outfits! Bring the right bra for the white blouse or tank top and if you need shape-wear to smooth out your dress, definitely wear it.

Shoes will help you feel great in the outfit, they are not necessary if you are doing just headshots but they will look amazing if you plan to get a full length of your outfit and if you are outside on location then you will definitely need great shoes.

Photo Shoot shoes : Bring the best shoes for your shoot. Bring your nicest or highest heels because they look fabulous, make your legs look long and you don’t need to walk far! (You know all those celebrities in magazines don’t wear those shoes all of the time!)

STEP 3: Jewelry and ‘that one extra piece’ you throw in.

I have found that you can have a statement piece of jewelry and wear it with a simple black dress and that is all that you need to make a beautiful portrait but it is nice to have options on the day of the shoot so that you are not trying to make up for something that you didn’t bring. 

Bring and wear different earrings and necklaces for each outfit that you are wearing. Keep it simple and subtle or bring that lovely statement piece that tells us who you are. It’s your choice for gold, silver or pearls or bring unique earrings that match your style. 

If jewelry isn’t your thing, bring that one piece of amazing clothing/jacket/boots/dress/hat/scarf that you always wanted to take a photo in.

Make sure that you pull everything together before your shoot (days before). Put your jewelry in a ziplock and put it on the hangar that your outfit is on so you don’t forget it. Don’t leave your favorite jacket or blouse or shoes or pants on your bed because you were rushing around on the day of the session trying to get out of your place. Put some effort into pulling it all together before hand.

STEP 4: Mindset, music, and manicures.

A photo session is a special time where you get to capture some amazing photographs of who you are right now. Talk about capturing the moment! But let’s make sure that you set yourself up for success and capture the best you and have a great mindset going into the session.

Manicures, hair appointments, waxing and beauty regimens should all be done at least the week of the shoot. If you have a new haircut make sure you have a few days with it and you are happy with your cut. Any waxing on your face needs to be at least 3 days before the shoot so that the makeup can be applied perfectly. You need to be happy with your hair color and make sure your roots are done (it definitely makes you feel more confident). We all think that photoshop can fix everything but there is a limit.

Think about what music makes you happy and make a playlist. Put it on your phone, use Apple music or Spotify etc and make sure you can access it for the shoot! Music will make you feel relaxed and allow you to have fun. Music is transformational!

STEP 5: Location, or studio, both.

When you pick your photographer they will make the decision to have some ‘outside’ shots or work in a studio depending upon what you need in your photo session. Sometimes a studio is the best for a portrait because you have
privacy and the photographer can be very specific with the light. If you need some new branding photos or want some location photos then you will have to have that conversation as to where your session will take place.

If there is a studio then you don’t have to worry about A/C or having a place to get your hair and makeup done or having a place to change your clothes. There are natural light studios that have windows or you can have strobe
lighting for your set ups. Sometimes it is easier to do your hair and makeup first and then meet up at the location.

If you shoot at an outside location then I have a few good tips for you: Wear a nude tank top or something that you can easily change your outfit outside. Usually tops are the easiest to change into, having full changes will mean finding a place to do that. Bring a bag to hold the things you need and choose tops that don’t wrinkle and are easy to put on.

STEP 6: Confidence

Your shoot will be so good if you show up with confidence, or even show up with 50% confidence. Half the battle is showing up! You know that it takes strength to put yourself in front of the camera and be seen. Almost all of my
clients have some reservations before coming into getting their photos done because of expectations and previous bad experiences. We all have life experiences that are different but our job as women is to show up, share your
wisdom help others and pursue your dreams. Photographs that show your authentic self will attract to you the people that you need in your life.

  • Be prepared – bring all of the things (clothes etc) that make you feel amazing and will set you up for a great shoot.
  • Trust your photographer to help you get comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Make sure that you breathe in your shoot, it will help with your nerves.
  • Make sure that you think of something that makes you happy while you are in the session.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle, find a direction, focus and passion for what you are doing. 
  • Do everything to make sure that your authenticity shows through.

STEP 7: Let’s talk about investing in yourself.

There are many different kinds of photographers. I am a personal brand photographer with tons of experience shooting celebrities for magazines, commercial work with actors, authors for book covers and especially women
in business. I am an expert in shooting with natural light and using my skills in setting a relaxed and calm photo set. There is a difference between a fashion photographer and a food photographer and someone who knows how to shoot people for their personality. You want to look your best, have someone capture your energy and personality and light you so that you look the best that you have ever felt. A fashion photographer will be working more for the clothes and lighting effect and a car/food photographer will not be used to working with people. That is very important.

You need to hire the best photographer that you can afford, who knows how to bring out the best in you. Someone who will talk to you and coach you through the session, someone who will take care of all the details like hiring the best makeup artist for you and helping you bring all of the right things to your shoot. 

We all know how important your photos are to your business and life. You need photos that will attract your clients to you by showing your authentic self. Follow all of these tips to get your best photos ever! You deserve to be seen and you deserve to have your business thrive.

  • Set yourself up for success in your photoshoot by bringing the best clothes for you. (Color, fit and variety)
  • Hire a professional photographer and makeup artist. (Show up with your hair blown out for hair confidence)
  • Plan your shoot in advance, pull everything out a few days before the shoot. Don’t forget that favorite shirt or the jewelry that goes with the outfits!
  • Make sure your hair cut and color is done and your nails are clean and polished.
  • Live a healthy, happy lifestyle. Bring in the most positive mindset and feel great about yourself and your
    mission in life.
  • Hire the best to get the best result.