A Powerful Iconic Portrait Positions you as THE expert in your field

You need to have a powerful professional portrait to anchor your brand and to position yourself as an authority in your field. 

You deserve that cover worthy, strong, beautiful and powerful shot and you’ve always felt that she is inside you just waiting to come out!

You have spent decades investing in your excellence, stoking your passion for what you do, and cultivating your power, resilience and inner beauty.

It’s time for your portraits to reflect that power.

I have spent decades mastering the art of illuminating the beauty and dynamism of powerful women. And I have developed a method that will allow us to capture a series of iconic portraits in a single, powerful session. To get the most out of our time together, I will create a sense of ease that allows you to bring your whole authentic self to the shoot. 

Keep reading to discover what my packages look like, the iconic women leaders and entrepreneurs I have photographed, and how to book your session.

You need a portfolio of images that match your brand to be used on your website and in your social media that distinguishes you and communicates how you serve your clients.

You need to have stunning insightful creative portraits that show your true authority and brand.  These days you need to be ready with art that any magazine could use for a profile article.

I’m here for you

Having your portrait taken can be really challenging, and I can change that for you by creating a safe, comfortable and trusting environment to capture everything you are. When I was a magazine photographer, I would often have as little as 15 minutes to capture a stunning cover shot of a celebrity, which meant creating a sense of ease and depth quickly.

I focus on the people, heart and soul. 

Who is this for?

  • Lesley Bohm Brand photoshoots are for the modern business woman who is a leader in her marketplace and needs stunning visual representation to match her brand.  The Powerful Portrait Brand photo session is a high level photo session that will give you stunning and impressive brand images to use throughout your marketing campaign.  

  • Expect more than just a regular photo session, raise your expectations for this shoot, my process allows you to dig deep as we work on you showing up as your best self and truly stepping into your higher purpose.  These custom photo shoots can be transformational and confidence building because we dive into your mission for your life and business to create photos that speak to your vision of your future. 

  • I help you bring out the best part of you, the part you may not even know that is there. You will get powerful and beautiful examples that show your uniqueness and personality so your clients can relate to your authenticity and mission.

  • You need a visionary photographer to help lift up your brand so that you can step into your power by aligning your vision with your image so you can play at your highest level. 

  • You have an online presence with a high demand for media images to support your business marketing and brand. 

  • This is not for a first time business owner who is looking for her first photo shoot. 

  • These kinds of portraits are the secret weapon behind CEO’s, top executives and entrepreneurs to help attract their clients with confidence and increase their bottom line. 

What To Expect In A Iconic Portrait Brand Shoot With Lesley Bohm Photography

  • This is a professional photo session experience with a trained pro photographer that has over 30 years of experience shooting celebrities for PR and print magazines, commercial work and entrepreneurs. You will get the highest level of quality in the photos, process, deliverables, lighting and production value.

  • Why is that important?  Lesley Bohm has worked with over 10,000 people over the past 3 decades in Los Angeles and by doing so she has become the best in her class to bring out people’s true essence.  She knows how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera quickly, which helps you relax and she will use the secrets that she learned from her celebrity shoots to get the most beautiful photo of you every time. Quality matters and very high quality photos will elevate your brand.

  • There is a discovery phone call before your session so we get to know each other and what your business and brand is all about.  We discuss how best to map out what your story is and what kind of photographs you need and how the shoot shall go. 

  • Lesley directs you throughout the whole shoot and loves to help you with posing suggestions and what to think about when you are in front of the camera to help you bring your best self to the surface. 

  • A shoot with Lesley is fun, fast and easy.

  • Lesley gets a very high yield of great photos in your session.  Lesley will arrange for a multitude of different backgrounds and posing options so you get tons of great photos to choose from. She hears client testimonies all the time that say that it is so hard to choose the best photos from her shoots because there are so many good ones to choose from

  • There is always a professional hair and makeup artist at the Power Portrait Brand sessions and ICONIC sessions so that your look is polished and optimized plus you have one less thing to worry about on shoot day.

  • You get a 30 min virtual closet stylist appointment to go over what you already have in your closet.

  •  If you need more wardrobe help then there is an option for a personal stylist to shop for you.  (Extra fee) 

  • You will get the whole shoot delivered to you in an online proof sheet where you have full usage of all images taken in the session.  Included is a selection of retouched media ready images to use sized for print or web.

  • Lesley will send you her favorite picks from the shoot in an email link a week from the shoot day to help you with the choices.

Iconic Session Packages

Power Portrait Session

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This shoot is perfect for the CEO looking for a new strong Brand Headshot.  An author looking for your Author shot, a Real Estate headshot, LinkedIn power headshot or your Iconic Brand image. You need to have a powerful professional portrait or two to anchor your brand and to position yourself as an authority in your field.

  •  We are focusing on getting YOUR BRAND IMAGE
  • 2-3 wardrobe changes – We choose clothes to match your brand style 
  • This session is fast and takes only 2-3 hours 
  • Makeup and hair included 

With each power portrait set up you will get a variety of images that include:

  • The closeup headshot, The ¾ shot and The TLB – my creative take on your brand
  • We work on getting your Iconic Power Portrait created just for you and your brand.
  • (Brand Action worksheet will be emailed before the discovery call)
  • We then work on your second look with a lifestyle/editorial portrait, TLB  
  • A powerful editorial look or lifestyle image to match your brand.

Premium Branding Session

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This includes your POWER PORTRAIT and the whole brand package.  We work on your Business Brand in our pre discovery call. You introduce yourself and you walk me through your business and brand.  We discuss your personal style, your presence online and how you want to be seen and distinguish yourself. On our call I outline the shoot and how it will proceed and what you need to expect. We go over any of your questions that you have about the shoot.


  • The intuitive pre discovery call 
  • Includes up to 6 wardrobe changes
  • We shoot in LA at my studio or on location.
  • Makeup and hair included
  • Iconic Power Portrait,
  • Brand imagery : lifestyle, speaker shot, social media marketing 
  • Environmental portrait (in your own space, on location, outside)
  • Lifestyle images, author shot or book cover, podcast image or editorial portrait. 
  • Within each wardrobe change there will be a multitude of images taken; such as:
    • The close up,  The portrait shot,  The TLB ¾ shot. 


  • You will receive an online proof sheet with all of the images that we shoot on it.  For each wardrobe change and location change there will be approximately 50 -100 images taken.  Total approx. 400+ images on the online proof sheet.
  • All images will be available to you to use.  
  • You will get 20 edited final retouched media ready images additionally to the proof sheet.

  • This Brand session will get you a portfolio of images to use in social media marketing and for your website.  

Iconic Session - The YEAR-LONG Iconic Images Program

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$11k or $3k/quarter

The year program :  Keep Lesley on retainer – Lesley will be your official photographer. 

Shoot 1 to 2 times a year or 3 smaller shoots

If you are on stage, have me pop by to take a few shots.(LA,NYC)

If you are in another city-lets chat! (ATL,Miami,Tampa)

Make it easy to have new social media images all the time and to fulfill all of your photography needs.  

This program takes the stress off your back.  

Schedule a Spring and Fall shoot (or your choice) with a quick pop up shoot in between. Shoot all of this in one day or two or spread it out over the year.

This is for the busy, fast paced business owner who has an online,media presence and needs new photos all of the time for fresh marketing.

We shoot 2 times a year in your city (Major City or reach out) or at my studio in Los Angeles or on location in Southern California.(option for a location shoot) 

Each shoot will be a Premium Branding Session (up to 6 changes per shoot for 2 shoots per year) or let’s customize just for you.(4 changes for 3 shoots per year)

As you change and grow, you benefit from your photos being updated regularly. 

You will never run out of social media images and marketing content.

Hair and makeup will be provided in NYC, LA and Miami (let’s chat about your city) 

Location studio included or shoot on location 

Wardrobe stylist consultation (closet zoom) 

We work on your brand story so I get an in-depth feeling of how to create your brand imagery.

Specifically you will get images that you can use for: 

Iconic Portrait, Speaker shot, Author shot, Podcast image, Social media, Advertising, Marketing
Included – 1 min bts video promo from stills and –  2 min Brand video promo

Add on: Wardrobe stylist to shop for you (cost TBD)

bts images and video of the shoot to make a reel
One 1-2 minute video on the day of the shoot – Use this as your personal brand video